Introducing the Science of Sleep from the Institute Proschlaf

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I just posted this video on YouTube,

What is Social Bookmarking style?

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You are starting to see these icons popping up on blogs and websites that take you to place like (now a Yahoo! social bookmarking website and others like,, and more.  What are they? Not a simple question to answer but let me talk about This is essentially the heart of social bookmarking.  You probably have a sense of creating a bookmark or favorite to the websites you like which makes it easy to go back to them without having to remember the website address or URL (Uniform Resource Locator). But you probably have figured out that when you book mark a website, the bookmark is only on your computer.  If you go to a friends house and want to show them the website or want to find it at work, then you still have to remember the website address or URL.

With the problem of finding these websites from other computers led someone to think it would be a good idea if their bookmarks were on the Internet.  With that thought social bookmarking was born.  This was not only a way to find your favorites away from home but also a way to share them with your friends or social circle.  Yahoo! has made social book marking a science. On you can save share and private bookmarks as well as search through the shared bookmarks of other people similar to searching on the search engines.  The difference is that you only get the websites people have bookmarked as their favorites.

Having said that, these bookmarks are not without their flaws.  The social bookmarks are also one way links to those “favorite” websites. People wanting to promote their website quickly caught on and realized that these one way links were important to building their link popularity on the Internet. So not all are true favorites, but it is a good way to promote your business through visitors to your website who like what you have to offer.  Some of the first people bookmarking your website might be friends and family trying to help you get established.

Visit and create an account for yourself see how valuable social bookmarking can be for you.  See the article on entitled Firefox and your SEO Tool-kit and download the delicious bookmark for Firefox.  If you don’t have Firefox and you should, you can download it right from the article.  It’s a great browser and very useful for your SEO efforts on you website.

New SEO Strategy – Backup Your Website Early and Often

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We talk a lot about building and optimizing a website and using blogs to increase our exposure to the search engines.  If you’ve put a lot of time into building and great website and blog, remember it’s only going be search engine friendly if it’s available.  One of the problems that sometimes happens is that people forget to make backups of their website, blogs and blog databases.  I use a WordPress plugin, WP-DBManager for database maintenance and I recommend to everyone to make sure you know how to back up your databases.  the WP-DBmanager plugin lets you schedule your backup to take place automatically.  If you are using Godaddy or one of it’s resellers as your hosting provider, you will need to make sure you have SSH enabled in your hosting account.  Contact your hosting provider if you have any questions.  You should be able to do some backups from your control panel in your hosting account.  I would encourage you to make sure that you also download a copy of the backup and keep it locally on your computer, just like you do with your website.

Books for Soro

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Affordable Search Engine Optimization – Consulting

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Need some affordable search engine optimization consulting? Do you need improved search engine placement for your webiste?  Let us show you how to do it yourself, but if you need help we can also get more involved.  SEO Expert Pro has established a way for you to get inexpensive search engine optimization consulting! You can now get up to 2 hours of “Expert Consulting” from SEO Expert Pro starting at just $39.95 a month with no long term contract.  See the “Consulting” tab at the top for the of the screen to get more details and to sign up.

Getting your website to the top pages of the search engine is just around the corner and now right within your grasp.  It’s never been easier to get the help you need.

Social Bookmarking – Add-0n for Firefox

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One of my favorite tools for Search Engine Optimization on the internet is the Firefox browser. I recently came across a great add-on for Firefox that helps me with using my bookmarks. If you are not using Firefox I recommend you give it a try.

Firefox 3

After you have downloaded the Firefox browser then add the add-on to keep track of your bookmarks or tags. For more information on social bookmarking see my article on the SEO Expert Pro website about social bookmarking and internet favorites. The added organizational aspects of the Delicious are amazing and the really make your bookmarks more available. then use the website to see how many times your website gets bookmarked.

Support Incentives for Clean Engergy Jobs

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Join the people (and growing) who have signed the petition!

Support clean energy jobs

Dear Members of Congress:

“I urge you to support tax incentives for renewable energy. These incentives help create jobs and lower greenhouse gases. They are the kind of policies that will help solve the climate crisis.”

Seminar • Questions and Answers

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I am creating this post as a place to add questions that you have from the Seminar. Click on the comments at the top to ask a question. I will try to answer the question and put the answers on the FAQ’s page or a separate page for the Seminar.

Please be sure to leave a valid email address so that I can make sure you get the answer to the question.

Thanks an enjoy using the blog.

Karl Bennion

SEO Seminar at Salt Lake • Tooele Applied Technology College

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I taught the first search engine optimization seminar at the Salt Lake • Tooele Applied Technology College for a group of approximately 25 students and faculty. It was a good group and there were a number of questions from the people attending. I believe that the students started to understand how they can create a marriage between webpage design and search engine functionality.

I requested that the students give me some feed back on the seminar so that we can evaluate the usefulness of the seminar and if useful consider planning a second for some future date.

In our discussion I was able to explain that using a keyword phrase as anchor text on a consistent basis will help to get them relevancy for that keyword phrase. I explained that I typically use the phrase Improved Search Engine Placement as anchor text pointing to my website.

Generally I believe that the core concepts of keyword research, keyword relevance and keyword density started to make sense to the group. I’m looking forward to getting some feed back from the group related to the over all usefulness of the seminar.

I had one request to see the output generated by the SEOSpyGlass software that I demonstrated at the last of the seminar. I ran the report against my website Improved Search Engine Placement or and posted the results at

Please be sure to leave comments regarding the seminar by clicking on the comments at the top of the article you wish to comment on.

Salt Lake Tooele Applied Technology College Hosts SEO Seminar

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Salt Lake City, Utah — May 16, 2008 — Salt Lake Tooele Applied Technology College (SLTATC) is hosting a Search Engine Optimization Seminar for their Media Design Group Students, May 16th. Karl Bennion owner of SEO Expert Pro ( and member of the SLTATC Employer Advisory Committee for the Media Design Group has consulted with the School and is working to help improve the Media Design program.  “Website designers don’t always have a good idea of what helps to promote a website with the search engines.” say Bennion.  This seminar will address the major points that search engines use to position a website in the top pages of the natural or organic search engine results.  Bennion will be pointing out the common mistakes that website designers make and giving them a framework for planning and optimizing websites from the inception of the project idea.

This seminar is the first in an effort to break the traditional mold of media design instruction, moving the school and the department forward in a progressive manner to provide students with skills that they can take into the workplace, providing immediate benefit to employers.

The Salt Lake Tooele Applied Technology College ( prides itself in providing top quality hands on education preparing students to meet the needs of Utah’s employers.

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